EST. 2020

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We are a small founder-owned start-up, led by a German Expat, based in bonnie Scotland. 
As a consumer, we were looking for authentic, natural herbal tea products in the UK ourselves, but our search remained unsuccesful. While the UK offers a huge variety of black tea,  the variety of herbal tea is limited. In particular, multi-herbal tea blends or teas with a wellbeing purpose which go beyond the peppermint-, camomile- or roiboos-based product varieties were not available. 

Mission Launch & Progress

We started in 2020 by establishing relationships with several high quality German suppliers. We found a great partner in Germany's oldest family-owned tea manufacturer, which was established in 1816.

We are constantly striving to improve the quality and range of products we offer. Besides increasing & improving our wellbeing, zero-additive product varieties, we are currently working on a low calorie "dessert line" - herbal teas with exquisite flavours such as chocolate mint, cheesecake or cherry-marzipan.

In 2020 we partnered with Tony Musso, a professional graphic designer, to improve the look of our products, to reflect our brand values and to tell the story of each of our teas. Results can be found here.


Sustainability and quality matter to us. We try to act accordingly, source locally and to leave small footprints. While most of our products already contain a certain percentage of organic ingredients, due to cost reasons our firm does not yet have official organic certification. This is why we are not allowed to call some of our products organic, although the ingredients are. 

Your support is appreciated

Thank you for your interest. We really appreciate your support - be it by trying our products and/or leaving a valuable comment.